Christmas Letter from Father Raul Dec. 11, 2012


Photo by Snapix Photography

Dear Parishioners, The Church calendar (Liturgical Year) starts with the season of Advent. As the word, “Adventus” means “coming”, Advent entails preparing to remember Christ’s first coming (Christmas) and preparing for His second coming (“Parousia”). Advent preparations are both external and internal. Here in our parish, we offer opportunities to have a truly fruitful Christmas celebration. We hope you will avail yourselves of this great opportunity to be refreshed, be renewed and to start a new liturgical year and celebrate our being “”Corpus Christi” – the Body of Christ. Penitential Services (Confessions) are a worthwhile preparation for Christmas – have a clean heart and a clear conscience where Jesus can come and be born again in each of us on Christmas. Aside from our regular schedule for Reconciliation – Saturdays 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm – we have a communal celebration of Penance – Tuesday, December 11 at 7:30 pm. There are some families whose children are receiving the sacrament of First Reconciliation and we appreciate the support provided by the parishioners. We also include a schedule of Penitential Services in the Northwest Parishes for your reference. As Advent is a time when young family members can very much be involved, we make these following suggestions: 1) Help children prepare decorations for the Jesse Tree (Roots of Jesus) in the church and offer those decorations during Sunday Mass in Advent. 2) Make children aware of  needy  children by letting then pick a “little angel” from the giving tree, prepare a gift for that needy child and return the angel tag with an unwrapped gift by Sunday, Dec. 9th 3) Support the Holy Childhood Association, “children helping children”, by having your child “earn money” and offer their labor and their love to children in need at Mass on Holy Family Sunday at the 11:00 a.m. Mass. The students from the Children’s Liturgy Program and First Reconciliation Preparation Program were provided with Holy Childhood Calendars and Holy Childhood Boxes.  Extra boxes are available are in the narthex (foyer). 4) Corpus Christi is our parish. We are Corpus Christi. A sense of belonging means a sense of caring. Although parishioners have been generous these past two years, we hope to have some savings, in case we have major expenses and so that we can plan more improvements. As we await the coming of the Lord, let us prepare ourselves well so that when he comes, he will give us the Peace only God can give and the Love made flesh in Jesus. Yours at the service of the Lord and His people, Rev. Raul Ranola, Parish Priest