Weekly Bulletin Apr. 17, 2011

Calgary City Buildings

Photo by Snapix Photography

Mass Intentions

TuesdayApril 12 6:30 pm Mass
Catholic Women's League of Canada
WednesdayApril 13 6:30 pm Mass
Sally Brown (Special Intentions)
Requested by Ave Maria & Peter Hoeper
ThursdayApril 14 9:00 am Mass
Alma Sychuk (Special Intentions)
Requested by Bill Saunders
FridayApril 15 11:00 am Mass at Village Manor
Alejandro Macaraeg (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Violy Tolentino
SaturdayApril 16 5:00 pm Mass
Jim Battle (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Margaret-Rose & Gordon Best
SundayApril 17 9:00 am Mass
Edward Sale (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Ray & Judy Cloutier
   11:00 am Mass
Lavina Heck (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Teresa & Danial Sim