Weekly Bulletin Jun. 12, 2011

Eau Claire Lilacs

Photo by Snapix Photography

Mass Intentions

TuesdayJune 7 6:30 pm Mass
Ray Cloutier (Special Intentions)
Requested by Ave Maria & Peter Hoeper
WednesdayJune 8 6:30 pm Mass with Marian Devotions
Paul Keerly
Requested by Marion Heitman
ThursdayJune 9 9:00 am Mass
Irene Doucette
Requested by Ray & Judy Cloutier
   5:30 pm Mass
Pro Populo (Mass for the Parishioners)
FridayJune 10 9:00 am Mass
Matthew Nwosu (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Augustina Anowai
SaturdayJune 11 5:00 pm Mass
Gil Schmaltz (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Leona & Gil Stordeur
SundayJune 12 9:00 am Mass
Agnes & Andrew Clemeno
Requested by Rosario Ray
   11:00 am Mass
Caterina Marchese (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Nicola Marchese & Family