Weekly Bulletin Dec. 25, 2011

Christmas Tree

Photo by Snapix Photography

Mass Intentions

TuesdayDecember 20 6:30 pm Mass
Amby & Barb Duffy (Repose of the Soul)
WednesdayDecember 21 6:30 pm Mass
Katherine & Clayton Green (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Bill & Mary Al Duffy
ThursdayDecember 22 9:00 am Mass
Robin Becker Mireault (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Friends
FridayDecember 23 9:00 am Mass
Agustina & Charles Anowai (Special Intentions)
Requested by Anowai Family
SaturdayDecember 24 9:00 pm Mass
All Souls
SundayDecember 25 9:00 am Mass
All Souls
   11:00 am Mass
All Souls