Weekly Bulletin Jan. 22, 2012

Footprints in Snow

Photo by Snapix Photography

Mass Intentions

MondayJanuary 16 6:30 pm Mass
Chris Cabrera & Rachael Stapher (Special Intentions)
Requested by Bessie Carbrera
TuesdayJanuary 17 6:30 pm Mass with Marian Devotions
Eugene Nogue (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Charlie & Carol Downey
WednesdayJanuary 18 9:00 am Mass
Janet Reid (Special Intentions)
Requested by John & Jean Owens
ThursdayJanuary 19 11:00 am Mass
Pro Populo (Mass for the Parishioners)
Mass at the Huntinghills Manor
FridayJanuary 20 5:00 pm Mass
Bob Reid Sr. (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Ave & Peter Hoeper
SaturdayJanuary 21 9:00 am Mass
Salvatore & Ignation Spadafora (Repose of the Soul)
   11:00 am Mass
Tito Zamora (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Sally Doromal