Weekly Bulletin Jul. 22, 2012

Stampede Coke Stage

Photo by Snapix Photography

Mass Intentions

TuesdayJuly 17 6:30 pm Mass
Annie Sagan (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Sylvia Halwa
WednesdayJuly 18 6:30 pm Mass
Anthony Valerio (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Didrickson Family
ThursdayJuly 19 9:00 am Mass
Frank & Pauline Smith (Special Intentions)
Requested by Syhlvia Halwa
FridayJuly 20 11:00 am Manor Mass
Virgin Mary Madeleine (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Ismarck Desance
SaturdayJuly 21 5:00 pm Mass
Maureen Bowman (Special Intentions)
Requested by McCusker Family
SundayJuly 22 9:00 am Mass
Natalie & Stephen Jowanowicz (Repose of the Soul)
Requested by Barbara Jowanowicz
   11:00 am Mass
Pro Populo (Mass for the Parishioners)