Liturgical Life

Altar Servers

Youth of our parish, both male and female, with a fair understanding of the sequence of our Mass, who serve at the weekend Masses.

Choirs and Musicians

Parishioners who practice and sing once weekly, and others who are able to play a musical instrument or act as cantor.

Church Care – Light Cleaning/Dusting

Parishioners who help clean and dust the Church once per week, on a rotation basis.

Church Care – Small Linens

A Coordinator creates a schedule for volunteer parishioners to pick up, launder and iron the small linens used during liturgical celebrations, and return them the following week.

Church Decorating Committee

Assists Sacristan to decorate the Church in keeping with the Church's guidelines, and the liturgical season.

Funeral Acolytes

Adult Altar Servers, generally retired or shift workers, who serve for funerals and other special occasions.

Hospitality Greeters

Parishioners who are very welcoming and genuinely greet parishioners, especially welcoming visitors as they arrive and refer any questions to the appropriate person.

Hospitality Social

Parishioners helping with the social after Sunday Mass, including setup, serving and cleanup, on a rotation basis.

Liturgy Committee

The third advisory board, this committee, representing all the different ministries involved in the liturgical life of the parish, plans liturgical celebrations for all the seasons of the liturgical year.

Ministers of Communion

Parishioners respectful of the Eucharist, who distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to fellow parishioners during Liturgical celebrations.


Parishioners who proclaim clearly, slowly and reverently, rather than reading, the Word of the Lord.

Projection Technicians

Volunteers who handle the Projection System for Sunday Mass and funerals.


Parishioners with knowledge of local liturgical procedures, who set up and prepare for all liturgical celebrations.

Sunday Liturgical Coordinators

Parishioners, generally experienced as Lectors or Eucharistic Ministers, come 20 minutes before Mass starts, to ensure the scheduled Proclaimers, Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers are present, and if not, find alternates, at each of the weekend Masses.


Parishioners over age 16, familiar with the physical setup of our Church, who show new and visiting parishioners to the pews, put envelopes on the pews, assist with offertory collections and respond to unforeseen circumstances; ensure pews are tidied after Mass.

Faith Development

Catechists for Confirmation

Catechists who help prepare young people in Grade 6 and up, for the sacrament, and help them experience the Church as a vibrant, life-giving body that nourishes them spiritually, socially and educationally; training is provided.

Catechists for First Eucharist

Parishioners who teach the sacramental program to children in Grade 2 and up.

Catechists for First Reconciliation

Parishioners who teach the sacramental program to children in Grade 4 and up.

Infant Baptism Catechists

Parishioners working with parents wishing to have their children baptized; program is provided and Father attends when possible.

Parish Library Volunteers

Maintain current library and register new donations.

RCIA Catechists

Parishioners, under the supervision of the Coordinator, who work directly with candidates and catechumens in their discernment and formation.

RCIA Sponsors

Confirmed, practicing Roman Catholics, if married, married in the RC Church, who are sponsors to a candidate in the RCIA Program.

Rite of Christian Initiation as Adults (RCIA)

Parishioners who assist non-Catholics in the process of joining the Catholic Church. Full guidance given, beginning with the Inquiry phase, continuing through the Catechumenate and full membership.

Sacrament Liaison

Works with Coordinators for First Eucharist, First Reconciliation and Confirmation, to ensure the sacrament program is running smoothly; Coordinators attend all meetings and liaise with the Sacrament Liaison to ensure Catechists have needs met for a successful program.

Social Justice

Bread Ministry Every Sunday

Volunteer teams who collect donations of bread from a bakery on Saturday, package products to prepare for distribution, and distribute bread on Sunday after Masses.

Catholic Women's League

Women of the parish who are the voice of Catholic women united in faith, promoting Christian values in the home and in the world, by spiritual development of its members, both individually and collectively.

Development & Peace Coordinator

Serves on a committee, planning ways to encourage contributions to the annual financial appeal for the charitable needs of the Diocese.

Drop In Centre Delivery Drivers

Volunteers who pick up Sandwiches that parishioners have made from the Church and deliver them to the Drop in Centre, on the second Thursday of the month.

Ecumenical Representative

Working under the guidance of the Diocesan Coordinator and our Pastor, to promote ecumenical and interreligious dialogue and relationships.

Knights of Columbus

Men of the parish who are devoted to the organization's founding principles of faith, charity, and unity, devoting funds and volunteer time to charitable causes.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Parishioners committed to the poor, serving food hampers, financial assistance, or just being there with time, talent and treasure.

Parish Life

Church Watch

Parishioners who check the grounds of the Church and Hall one day per month, during the day and evening.

Couples for Christ

Parishioners who inspire ministry and devotion – has a Family and Youth component.

Finance Council

The second advisory board to the Pastor, composed of parish members, deals with the financial and administrative aspects of the parish.

Funeral Catering

Parishioners who prepare and/or help serve at luncheons following funerals in the parish.

Maintenance Committee

Parishioners to share their talents, skills and labour with Church maintenance.

Office Assistance

Volunteers who answer phones, stuff envelopes and provide other assistance as needed during office hours.

Pastoral Care of the Sick

Coordinator and mature parishioners committed to visiting hospitals, long term care facilities, or taking Eucharist to shut-ins; weekly visits to the Manor Village – Lay Communion service. Pastoral Care course required from the Diocese.

Pastoral Council

An advisory board, representing the entire parish, promoting pastoral activity to help the parish set and achieve its goals.

School/Parish Liaison

Assists the parish to deliver items to the school; tracks school website to ensure our information is included accurately; assists with school/parish socials following Church events such as parish sacraments and school Masses; posts our Sunday bulletins at the school.

Social Committee

Parishioners who assist in the planning and preparation of social events for the parish, i.e. Feast of Corpus Christi, Parish Mission receptions, etc.

Youth Ministry

Parishioners who assist and offer opportunities for youth to integrate more fully into parish life and to mature in faith.

Youth Support Coordinator

Liaises with Pastoral Council and with the help of Adult Volunteers, plan, coordinate and supervise youth events; also works with Coordinators of Altar Servers, Sacraments and Children's Liturgy.